Passion and Purpose Blog

By Laura Nissen, Luther Manor Communities

All of us have abilities and talents that can make a lasting impact.  Do you have activities in your life that you pursue with passion?  On the surface these activities seem like they might be defined as leisure time.  But on further analysis, these activities are sacred.  They are our indulgences that make life worth living.  These are moments that we find our joy.  Finding these activities and giving them the appropriate value in your life can be the secret to living a life of happiness and well-being.  Over the course of this series, I would like to share examples of engaged, creative, passionate people who are frequently using their abilities and talents to reach their full potential.

February 2018

02/15/2018 08:38
Passion and Purpose  By Laura Nissen, Director of Marketing, Luther Manor Communities Helen Keller was born blind and deaf and had many more speed bumps than most of us for a longer period of her lifetime.  She often said, “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of...

December 2017

12/18/2017 15:06
  Passion and Purpose  By Laura Nissen, Director of Marketing, Luther Manor Communities Nee Nee’s Gang at the new Nee Nees Nook Gift Shop at Grand Meadows.  (Pictured from left to right:  Sandy, Bev, Larry, Jane, Charlene and Marilyn and Carol (not pictured.)   One of the...

September 2017

09/18/2017 14:59
  Passion and Purpose  By Laura Nissen, Luther Manor Communities (Caption if needed:  Dave Kemp and his beloved dog, Allie fully enjoying nature.)   It all started when he was a young boy growing up in North Dakota.  Dave Kemp loved spending time with his grandfather...

March 2017

03/27/2017 16:19
My intent to highlight people in our community that are passionate about their purpose is to provide examples of people who are living their best life.  And we know at least by anecdote that these activities bring them joy and happiness.  While this is all well and good, I wanted to look...

February 2017

02/27/2017 16:16
Over the course of this series, you have been reading about people who are passionate and purposeful about something they love to do.  And some of you have commented that you wish you knew what you were passionate about!  I have some guidelines for you to consider that will steer you in...

January 2017

01/18/2017 14:43
Larry Zettel is such an engaged retiree who enjoys helping seniors with their important health care decisions.  Larry was first exposed to the choices of Medicare when he enrolled himself as he retired from Loras College as a Mathematics and Computer Science professor.  He completed his...