December 2017

12/18/2017 15:06


Passion and Purpose

 By Laura Nissen, Director of Marketing, Luther Manor Communities

Nee Nee’s Gang at the new Nee Nees Nook Gift Shop at Grand Meadows.  (Pictured from left to right:  Sandy, Bev, Larry, Jane, Charlene and Marilyn and Carol (not pictured.)


One of the many observations that I have made about our residents is they have such a passion for giving back.  The residents at The Residences are always looking for opportunities to serve.  Their latest adventure is Nee Nee’s Nook at Grand Meadows.  Recently Nee Nee’s gang enthusiastically took on a new entrepreneurial venture to start a gift shop to benefit our residents at Luther Manor Communities new Grand Meadows Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Center.  Nee Nee’s is a unique and convenient offering of stamps, cards, accessories, snacks, Luther Manor Communities apparel, jewelry, as well as many other creative and special gifts.  When I asked the volunteers what they were most proud about they told me that they source as much of the inventory as they can from local artists.  They also tell me that Jane’s leadership is amazing.  Finally, they share that to serve a larger community as a close knit team is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Who is Nee Nee?  Jean (Jeanie) Wahlert Stoltz, known to her nieces and nephews as “Aunt NeeNee”, grew up in Dubuque.  Jeanie was one of the most loving people you could have even met.  She was always the person who lit up a room, the life of every party, the friend you would call to cheer you up.  There was never a time when she didn’t have a smile on her face. 


So if you have a few more Christmas gifts to pick up before the holiday is upon us, please come see us at Nee Nee’s Nook Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm -3:00 pm @ 5300 Grand Meadow Drive in Asbury.   We are so conveniently located to shopping in Asbury.  Our phone number for Nee Nee’s is 563- 690-7167.  We would love to see you!