February 2017

02/27/2017 16:16

Over the course of this series, you have been reading about people who are passionate and purposeful about something they love to do.  And some of you have commented that you wish you knew what you were passionate about!  I have some guidelines for you to consider that will steer you in the right direction.

Go back to age 10!

What brought you joy when you were young?  What activities did you spend your time doing?  You can find some clues to your passion in your childhood.  Spend some time thinking about it.

What people do you most admire?

This may also give you a clue!  Start a list and don’t edit as you write.  Just list all the people you admire and when you are done, see if there is a pattern of what they all have in common.

Pause for a moment and think about your gifts and talents.

What have others told you that you are really good at?  What comes easy to you and is unique to your skill set, knowledge and temperament?  Is there a general theme?

Complete this sentence.

If I could spend my time doing something without a consequence to spending time doing something I should be doing, I would…


Now after distilling the above clues, venture off in a direction that seems like the right way.  It will become readily apparent if you have chosen the right road.  If you feel some inner resistance, then it might not be the right passion or it may be the write passion but you just need to modify your approach a bit.  However, like so many others that we have learned about in this series, you may just feel a big “YES” and begin to feel the joy of your own unique Passion and Purpose.